Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow Ph.D., R.N., A.C.N.S.-B.C., 2009 Cohort
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in Nursing and Health Professions, Master of Science in Nursing Programs, and Continuing Nursing Education at Drexel University in Philadelphia. In her role, Dr. Glasgow is responsible for all current and emerging undergraduate nursing and health professions programs and Master of Science in Nursing Programs which include 2,500 students, as well as curricular, faculty development, evaluation, accrediting body quality assessment, and fiscal planning for her division. Dr. Glasgow was formally the Director of the Undergraduate Nursing Programs where she developed the Accelerated Career Entry, BSN Co-op, RN-BSN Online Programs, as well as other academic programs. She is also responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of four national nursing conferences per year in addition to supporting the NCLEX Course Division and other business ventures. Dr. Glasgow has published extensively and has presented both nationally and internationally in the areas of bone marrow donation in minorities and nursing education. She also completed a fellowship at Bryn Mawr College and HERS, Mid-America Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration. She is the recipient of several awards in teaching and practice. She is on the Editorial Board for Holistic Nursing Practice and Oncology Nursing Forum. She also serves as the Associate Editor for Oncology Nursing Forum responsible for the Leadership and Professional Development Feature.