Tips for Developing a Competitive Application

1. Participate in the optional application Web conference scheduled for November 5, 2010 at 3 p.m. ET. You must register in advance. The conference will be recorded and available on the program’s website if you are unable to attend.

2. Learn about people who are current and past RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows:  Lists of Current Fellows and Lists of Alumni.

3. Learn about the people who are members of the National Advisory Council (NAC).  NAC members will review applications and conduct interviews during the selection process.

4. Present your application in a way that is likely to capture the reviewers’ attention and interest. Each reviewer reads many applications – try to make clear up front why your leadership goals and the impact you wish to make merit the investments inherent in this Fellowship. Keep in mind that the reviewers represent a range of disciplines and points of view, and write in a way that can communicate across fields.

5. Review the selection criteria and be sure that you address these criteria in your application.

a. A strong professional record that reflects positions of increasing leadership responsibility and the potential to achieve higher levels of leadership effectiveness.

b. Vision, passion and capability to make a substantial impact on health and health care.

c. Insight, courage and evidence of a commitment to lifelong growth and development.

d. Capacity and willingness to learn in collaboration with other Executive Nurse Fellows through action, reflection, feedback and support.

e. Commitment (from the employing organization and individual) for the Fellow’s continuing employment and active engagement in three consecutive years of structured learning, self-study and project activity.

6. Allow plenty of time to write and revise based on the input of colleagues.

7. Approach a current or previous Executive Nurse Fellow and ask for advice on the application narrative prior to submission.

8. Start early to avoid delays with online technology.

9. Pay close attention to the application procedures. This may be the most important suggestion we can make. It is surprising how many applicants do not seem to take the time to read the materials and, therefore, do not end up understanding the priorities of the program. Carefully read the Call for Applications and follow the application procedures.