Jacqueline Byers, PhD, RN, FAN

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  • 1998 Alumni
    Jacqueline Byers


University of Central Florida College of Nursing

Oviedo, FL

Dr. Jacqueline (Jacquie) Fowler Byers received her BSN from Duke University, her MSN from Vanderbilt University and her PhD from the University of Florida. Jacquie was a member of the inaugural class of the Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows program. She is a Professor at the University of Central Florida School of Nursing. Her most outstanding and sustaining contributions to nursing are her volunteer activities to promote quality patient outcomes, research-based practice, and patient safety in acute care. She has disseminated over 45 national peer-reviewed publications, 16 book chapters and over 50 national/ international presentations in these specific areas. These scholarly products include theoretical work to advance quality management science, research syntheses, and original research to evaluate the impact of the physical and acoustical environment on patient/ family outcomes across the lifespan. As research editor for the award winning Journal for Healthcare Quality, she has shaped knowledge in the quality management field and extensively mentored new authors and healthcare quality professionals. She also authored and edited the seminal book: Patient Safety: Principles and Practice. Her expertise in patient safety has been widely recognized through national presentations, the invitation to teach in the prestigious Patient Safety Executive Fellowship program at Virginia Commonwealth University, appointment as an advisor to the Florida Patient Safety Corporation and a recent invitation to write a chapter on patient safety for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.