Maxine Proskurowski, MS, RN

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  • 2003 Alumni
    Maxine Proskurowski

Program Manager, Health Service

Eugene 4J School District

Eugene, OR

Maxine Proskurowski is Program Manager for Health Services at the Eugene School District, where she oversees health programs for 17,000 students, four School-based Health Centers, and the McKinney Program for Homeless and Runaway Youth.  Previously she was a social worker and nurse at the most economically disadvantaged school in Oregon for 11 years.  During the summers Maxine volunteers at a camp for Native American children, has taken a group of disabled young adults to Costa Rica, and usually bicycles around the country or in Europe.  She is actively involved with the immigrant community of Eugene and, with State financial support, is coordinating comprehensive health care services for immigrant children with Eugene's community health agencies.