Teri Pipe, PhD, RN

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  • 2014 Fellow
    Teri Pipe


Arizona State University

Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Teri Pipe is dean of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University (ASU). She joined ASU in 2011. Before coming to ASU, Dr. Pipe served as director of Nursing Research and Innovation at Mayo Clinic Arizona and was an associate professor of nursing at the Mayo Clinic’s College of Medicine.

In 2014 she was selected as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow.

Dr. Pipe is an expert on nursing leadership with a focus on interprofessionalism, bringing nurses together with physicians and other health professionals, business people, and policy makers, to help redesign and improve health in the U.S. She is also an expert on mindfulness which is an approach to help people increase their ability to perform by being fully present and in the moment. 

Her research interests include:  resilience in professional and clinical populations, health promotion and wellness, positive coping and stress management, oncology, and gerontology.  Additionally, she has researched and is published in the areas of cancer prevention and screening, leadership, and stress management. 

Dr. Pipe earned her PhD in health policy and administration with a minor in gerontology from Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in nursing with an emphasis in gerontology from the University of Arizona, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Iowa. 

Dr. Pipe is a co-founder of the Workforce Outcomes Research and Leadership Development (WORLD) Institute, an innovative academic practice collaborative initiated by Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation, DFCI, and Brigham and Women's Hospital aimed at pooling knowledge, expertise, and resources to identify, quantify and develop exemplary leadership in care delivery.