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    Roger Pearman

Roger Pearman is Faculty for the 2013 Cohort of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Executive Nurse Fellows program at the Center for Creative Leadership. He brings to the role considerable experience as a Senior Adjunct Staff member at the Center for Creative Leadership since 1986. Roger has worked with clients as a coach and trainer for customized programs across all economic sectors. He has coached executives in pharmaceuticals, healthcare systems, banking and financial services, government agencies, retail organizations, and information services businesses. 

Formerly a COO for a financial services company, Roger founded two companies that provide specialized development services for executive leadership.  As CEO of two firms: Leadership Performance Systems, Inc., which provides specialized talent management services and, Inc., which provides certification training on nineteen assessment tools. Because he enjoys working with individuals in multiple development contexts, Roger serves as a Senior Adjunct Associate for CCL and due to his extensive global experience, he is the Visiting Associate Professor of Global Commerce and International Management at the Calloway School of Business, Wake Forest University. 

Roger earned a B.A. and M.A. from Wake Forest University and an Ed.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He completed post-doctoral work on attention and performance and information mapping. 

As a published author, Roger has articles in, Wired,, Performance Management, and Talent Management. He is author or senior author of: YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type (2006), Introduction to type and emotional intelligence (2002), Leadership Advantage (2001), Hardwired Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Personality to Become a New Millennium Leader (1999), I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You (1996, 2010). 

Past President, International Association for Psychological Type; Past President, North Carolina Personnel Association; winner of Myers Research Award, McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award, and Distinguished Alumni Award from the Graduate School of Wake Forest University.