Dee Baldwin, PhD, RN, FAAN

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    Dee Baldwin

Associate Dean/Director

UNC Charlotte

Charlotte, NC

Dr. Baldwin, a champion of women's health for more than several decades, is the Associate Dean and Director of the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and former Executive Director of Georgia's Office of Women's Health. An expert in health promotion and women’s wellness, her scientific work addresses the promotion of breast health in older African American women and issues related to early detection and screening and health literacy. As principal investigator for several studies on the promotion of breast health in older African American women, she has developed a model for describing low-income African American women's participation in breast and cervical cancer early detection and screening.  Dr. Baldwin also has made many contributions to women's health and minority health through her many community-based projects that she has conducted over the years to provide health information to women and underserved minorities. She has conducted multiple funded demonstration projects and research studies that have focused on early detection of breast and cervical cancer in minority populations through culturally appropriate educational programs and screening. In 1992, she established Project Breast Health, a culture-specific community-based educational program designed to increase older African American women's use of cancer screening services.  She also has received numerous awards in appreciation of her contributions to women's health, and was hailed as a local hero in the fight to eradicate breast cancer in 1998 by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

 Dr. Baldwin is nationally recognized and has served as a consultant for many organizations, including the National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, DHHS Office of Women's Health, Minority Women's Health Panel of Experts, CDC's Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Advisory Council and the American Nurses Association, Breast Cancer Multicultural Task Force. She is a former member of the Atlanta Partnership for Breast and Cervical Health, and the Susan G. Komen's Greater Atlanta Chapter, Board of Directors.  Dr. Baldwin received her Ph.D. in Higher Education at Georgia State University and a Master of Nursing degree from Emory University. She currently serves as the Associate Dean/Director of the School of Nursing at UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.