Cynthia Barnes-Boyd, PhD, RN, FAAN

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    Cynthia Barnes-Boyd

Director, Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhoods Health Partnerships

University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, IL


     Cee is the Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships (OCENHP).  She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the UIC School of Public Health and College of Nursing.  She is also co-director of Program 1 of the Community Engagement and Research Core of the UIC Clinical and Translational Science Center.

     The UIC OCENHP serves as an interface between the university and its surrounding urban communities. In her role as director, Cee is responsible for developing, sustaining, and evaluating university/community partnerships.  She directs several community health initiatives including community clinics, school based mental health programs, consumer education and faith institution partnerships among other programs.  The UIC Healthy City Collaborative, a research unit within the OCENHP, is a university wide program that is leading efforts in community based participatory research.  Cee serves as the director, principal investigator or evaluation director for several federally supported programs to address health disparities in ethnic minority populations.            Cee has held a variety of advance practice and leadership roles including those of Administrative Critical Care Clinical Specialist (1978-1980), Assistant Director of Nursing (1980-1991), Executive Director of a community health center network (1991-1997) and Special Assistant to the UIC Vice Chancellor for Health (1997-2001).  She is the current chair of the national organization “Community and Campus Partnerships for Health” and on the National board of directors for the National Assembly for School Based Health Care.  Honors include the Renacer Community Network, “Outstanding Community Commitment Award”, the “Annual Achievement in Health Care Management Award”, the Chicago Urban League “Women in History Award” and the National League of Black Women “Black Rose Award” and the University of California-Irvine Chancellor Award for Community Based Participatory Research  among other honors. Dr Boyd was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 1992 and the Chicago Institute of Medicine in 2008.